Build a Jack O Lantern with Fun Free Pumpkin Printables

Use these free pumpkin printables to build fun jack o lantern faces for Halloween!

"Mommy, can we carve our Jack O Lanterns yet?"

I get this question almost every morning since our visit to the pumpkin patch last weekend. Unfortunately, with a mini heat wave happening this week and over a month until Halloween, there's no way our pumpkins will survive if we carve them now. But my twins are so anxious for their pumpkins to have faces that I gave them a fun activity to try while they wait - building their own paper Jack O Lanterns with these super cute pumpkin printables!

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Build a Jack O Lantern with these free pumpkin printables! Mix and match the features to create your own Jack O Lantern - a super fun Halloween printable and the perfect Halloween activity for kids

Free Pumpkin Printables to Make Your Own Jack O Lanterns

This is a perfect activity for kids who are getting excited for Halloween. It's a great boredom buster and helps them work on some of their motor skills too (we love when there is a learning component to our fun). The free pumpkin printable pack includes 3 blank pumpkin shapes and 2 pages of features - eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows - to create lots of different jack o lantern combinations. The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

All you need to do is download and print the free pumpkin printables. You can get them delivered to your email by entering your info below.

Then, cut out all of the features. Depending on your kids' ages and skill level, this can be a great opportunity for them to practice their scissor skills.

Once you have all the pieces cut out, you can decorate your pumpkins any way you'd like. Paint or color them first, or leave them white if you prefer. Play around to create your favorite Jack O Lantern expression then glue the pieces down when you are finished.

That's it! Super easy and lots of fun. My boys had so much fun creating these faces and it kept them busy for an entire weekend morning (mom win!). And now we have some adorable Halloween decorations to hang up while we wait to carve our real pumpkins.

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