How to Make School Clothes Shopping Easy with a Free Printable Checklist

Thank you to Boscov's for sponsoring this post and making school clothes shopping easy for moms.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. I mean, I knew my boys had grown over the summer (one of them likes to measure himself against me every morning), but I couldn't believe how much until it was time to get ready for back to school clothes shopping. Three months of living in bathing suits and shorts had tricked me, as I started going through their fall clothes and realizing that nothing fit anymore.

This could have been overwhelming, with twin boys who basically needed an entirely new wardrobe. But it wasn't, because I was able to get organized with a handy clothes shopping checklist and head to Boscov's for all of our school clothes essentials. Ready for an easy way to get your back to school clothes shopping done? I have everything you need.

Back to school clothes shopping is easy with this free printable checklist! Get organized with everything your kids need for school clothes then head to Boscov's to find it all. Great selection, brands you love, and prices you can handle. It's the perfect one stop shop for all your back to school clothes needs!

School Clothes Shopping Made Easy

The first step to successful back to school clothes shopping is getting organized before you head to the store. I started with the Boscov's Back to School catalog and my super handy school clothes checklist.

This checklist has everything you need to make your shopping easy - download and print one for each child you're shopping for, and you have a place to write their sizes, what they need, any notes, and a spot for your estimated and final budget. It's a great tool to help you know what you need before you go! You can get the checklist for free - simply click the button below.


Finding Clothes Your Kids Will Love

With my checklist in hand, I headed to Boscov's for our new back to school wardrobes. My boys don't have the patience for full scale clothes shopping, so I ventured out solo. They had picked out some favorites from the Boscov's catalog so I knew I could find things that they love. (Five year old boys are not hard to please - give them dinosaurs and superheroes and you're set).

I headed to the boys' department at Boscov's (this is unchartered territory for me - this season also marks our official departure from the toddler section) and found so many great new fall clothes. In styles and prints that my boys will love from brands that I trust. 

When it comes to back to school clothes, you need to consider your kids' style, their age, and their school environment to help guide your choices. For my pre-K boys, it's all about clothes that are comfortable, easy to manage in the bathroom, and durable enough for rough and tumble times on the playground.

These cargo pants from Carter's were exactly what I needed - with a drawstring waist that easily adjusts for a great fit and reinforced knees for the playground. They look fantastic and even have fun pockets for all my boys' treasures (who knows what I will find in there this year!). 

I also grabbed several pairs of Carter's fleece jogger pants - they are SO soft and with that awesome adjustable waist that makes the fit a no brainer. My boys will live in these once the weather turns cold.

I also found lots of tops with prints and characters that my boys will actually want to put on in the morning (one less battle to fight). I couldn't resist this super cute shirt for my son who loves doing home projects with Daddy. My other son loves everything dinosaur and this Carter's top is a big hit with him. 

Both of my boys are big Batman fans and I totally scored with several superhero shirts, especially this LEGO Batman t shirt.

I also grabbed several essentials like new midweight jackets which will keep them cozy through the fall. I love the fleece lining and the hoods, since they play outside in all kinds of weather.

And since I had my checklist, I remembered the little things like new underwear and socks (yes, they had grown out of all their socks too!)

Ready for the First Day of School

With the great selection and prices at Boscov's I was able to take care of our entire back to school clothes shopping in one trip - and we are ready to take on the first day of school in style!

If you haven't done your school clothes shopping yet, you're in luck. Grab your checklist and head to Boscov's on Saturday, August 26 for an awesome Back to School shopping event! Find your local store here and see what great things they have planned for this fun day.

What's on your back to school clothes shopping list? Check out the awesome selection for all ages at Boscov's and let me know what you love most!
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