A Smurfs Village Craft Your Kids Will Love

An easy craft to make your own Smurf village for pretend play or a Smurfs party.

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When I was a kid, I loved the Smurfs. I had a Smurfs lunchbox, Smurfs sheets, you name it. So when my boys discovered the Smurfs this year I was so happy that they loved them too.  I knew they would love to play Smurfs as much as I did at their age so I set off on a mission to find my old Smurf village set.

Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared in a long ago yard sale. So instead I decided to make them their very own DIY Smurfs village. This is a super easy craft that works perfectly for pretend play, for a Smurfs movie night at home, or even a Smurfs party!

A Smurfs Craft Your Kids Will Love

Making your own Smurfs village is really easy, and requires things you probably already have at home. For each mushroom house, you will need:

You'll also want to grab some Smurfs toys to play when you're done!

Watch the video below to see how to create each Smurfs house. Make as many as you'd like to create your own Smurfs village!


Cut approximately 2 inches from the bottom of a paper plate so that the bottom edge is straight.

Paint the top (approximately 3/4 to the bottom) of your paper plate with acrylic paint. Add green to look like grass at the bottom. Once the top is dry, add white dots to make it look like a mushroom.

Paint a cardboard roll with brown acrylic paint (mine was caramel with a bit of a gloss). Allow to dry.

Cut a slot in the center of your plate at the bottom of the mushroom top. It will need to be wide enough for your cardboard roll, approximately 3 inches.

Slide the cardboard roll inside the slot, so that it is behind the top and in front of the grass. That's it! Repeat for additional houses, then set them up and have fun!

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Make your own Smurfs village with this easy DIY! A fun Smurfs craft perfect for a Smurfs party, Smurfs movie night, or just for pretend play. So cute!

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