10 Awesome Rainbow Activities to Play Outside

Rainbow themed activities for kids that are perfect for the backyard!

My boys recently watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time. As Dorothy began singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" their eyes lit up and one turned to me and said, Mommy! We know this song! You sing it to us since we were babies!

My mama heart just melted. There is something special about rainbows, and besides being the inspiration for one of my favorite songs, they also inspire a lot of fun activities. Since it is summer and we are practically living in our backyard, I thought it would be fun to pull together a list of rainbow activities that you can play outside.

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Rainbow themed outdoor activities for kids! Kids will love these colorful and fun ideas for backyard play that are all about rainbows - everything from rainbow bubbles to a rainbow obstacle course and more! Perfect for summer outdoor fun.

Rainbow Activities to Play Outside

Activities featured in photo collages marked with an * for your convenience.

These rainbow themed activities are perfect for backyard play - they are colorful, fun, guaranteed to get your munchkins moving and will keep them busy all summer long!

Rainbow Backyard Obstacle Course*

Outdoor Color Match* (Inner Child Fun)

Rainbow Bubble Snakes* (Housing a Forest)

Rainbow Paver Hopscotch* (Happiness is Homemade)

Rainbow Outdoor Weaving* (Where Imagination Grows)

Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Bubbles (Fun at Home with Kids)

Rainbow Ribbon Run (A Little Pinch of Perfect)

Rainbow Ice Cube Painting (Things to Share and Remember)

Rainbow Sidewalk Glitter Paint (The Imagination Tree)

Color Scavenger Hunt (Coffee Cups & Crayons)

Can't Go Outside? Grab one of these free rainbow printables!

There are some summer days when the heat or an afternoon thunderstorm keeps you inside. If that happens, you can still have some rainbow themed fun with these fun (and FREE) printable activities!

Rainbow Domino Addition Printable | Simple Fun for Kids

Color Matching Fishbowl Printables | Life Over C's

Rainbow Fidget Spinner Word Decoding Sheets | Teaching Mama

Number Rainbow Matching Puzzles | Fun With Mama

Printable Rainbow Booklet | Twitchetts

Number Rainbow Matching Puzzles | Fun With Mama

Unicorn Printable Board Game | Views from a Step Stool

Rainbow CVC Word Building | Royal Baloo

Be sure to check out our favorite rainbow books for kids too!

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