Puppy Dog Pals Inspired Collar Craft

A fun craft inspired by the new Disney Junior show Puppy Dog Pals!

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I have a rule on Fridays in the summer: we don't plan anything. The rest of the week is fine for errands, chores, and appointments, but Fridays are our laid back, do what we want, have fun days. And it's become our favorite day of the week, thanks in part to our friends at Disney Junior, who are sponsoring this post and putting the YAY! into FRiYAYs this summer.

Turning Friday to FriYay!

One of the best parts about not having to go anywhere on Friday is that we can hang out in our PJs as long as we want and just relax... which means a little time in front of the TV.  Friday is the perfect day to do it because this summer, Disney Junior is premiering new episodes of our favorite shows every Friday morning on Disney Channel!

We love checking out all new episodes of Disney Junior shows on Friday mornings - especially the boys' new favorite, Puppy Dog Pals. This super cute show features two dog brothers, Bingo and Rolly, who go on fun adventures when their owner is away from home. Their cat sister Hissy tags along sometimes too!

With two dogs and a cat in our family it's no wonder that my boys love Puppy Dog Pals. It's made them start to wonder what our dogs and cat are getting up to when we're not home! And of course I love Puppy Dog Pals because it's quality family entertainment and I never have to worry about what they are seeing when they watch.

Puppy Dog Pals also sparks my boys' imaginations, and as soon as each new episode ends they always want to play Bingo and Rolly and go on their own adventures. Since Bingo and Rolly never leave home without their special collars, I decided to make our own Puppy Dog Pals collars perfect for dress up and pretend play!

Puppy Dog Pals Inspired Collar Craft

Make your own Puppy Dog Pals collars just like Bingo & Rolly wear! This easy DIY dog collar craft is perfect for going on your own adventures or for wearing while you watch Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Junior. We love watching new episodes on Friday mornings on Disney Channel! AD

This is a super easy craft to make, and you probably already have all the materials at home! To make your own Puppy Dog Pals collars, you will need:
  • Red & Blue Construction Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Blue Paint
  • Gold Paint
  • Velcro Dots

Start by cutting 1 inch wide strips from your red and blue construction paper. You'll probably need 2 strips for a loose fit. Trim to fit your child and glue one end together to create a long strip. Allow to dry.

Then cut dog bone and lightning bolt shapes from your cardstock, approximately 1 inch high.

Paint your lightning bolt pale blue and your dog bone gold. Allow to dry.

Glue the lightning bolt to the center of the blue paper strip and the dog bone to the center of the red paper strip.

Place a velcro dot on the end of each collar so that you can take it on and off easily.

That's it! Now your kids can wear their own special collars and pretend to be Bingo and Rolly too!

My boys have been having so much fun pretending to be Bingo and Rolly in their new collars - and wearing them to watch all new episodes of Puppy Dog Pals on Friday mornings on Disney Channel!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior.

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