Fun Shape Activity for Kids Who Love Trains | Free Printable

Give new life to toy train tracks with this fun shape activity - includes free printable cards.

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Our wooden train tracks were headed for the yard sale pile when a package arrived on my doorstep and saved them. Inside was a copy of a new book, Old Tracks, New Tricks by Jessica Petersen. And suddenly, our old tracks had new life! We've had lots of fun with this book, exploring all of the things that train tracks can do. We've even come up with a cool shape activity inspired by the book and I've turned it into a free printable game that you can share with your kids too!

Use your wooden train tracks for this fun shape activity for kids! Download the free printable shape cards and see if you can recreate each one with your train tracks - or invent your own fun shapes! Inspired by the new book Old Tracks, New Tricks, little train lovers will have hours of fun with this easy shape learning game. Perfect for preschool!

In Old Tracks, New Tricks, a trio of wooden train tracks finally get to be part of a train set - but it's not exactly what they imagined. The engines don't want to let them play and the other tracks just lie on the floor. But these tracks have some tricks up their sleeves and eventually show everyone how a little creativity can go a long way!

When the book arrived, we had already turned our train table into a LEGO table because my boys just weren't playing with their trains as much as they used to. So I was skeptical how they would like Old Tracks, New Tricks. But they were hooked from page one! The book is filled with super fun ways to play with wooden train tracks - adding new materials and fun challenges to turn them into something completely new. My guys wanted to try everything - even grabbing a stack of post-it notes to highlight each activity. And after we tried them all (a couple of times) I thought I would come up with one more way for us to play with our tracks - and the Shape Building Challenge was born.

This activity is really simple, and lots of fun. It's the perfect way to reuse your wooden train tracks and to encourage creativity and problem solving in your kids. It's great for shape reinforcement and even beginning reading! Here's how it works.

Train Track Shape Building Challenge

In order to play, you only need three things: a copy of Old Tracks, New Tricks, a set of wooden train tracks, and our free printable shape building challenge cards. Simply click the button below to grab yours.


The shape challenge card set includes 3 pages with 4 cards each. There are 10 shape challenges for your kids to choose from, plus a blank card so they can create their own!

Once you've downloaded your cards, simply print on cardstock (or laminate them). Cut along the dashed lines, and if desired, punch a hole in the top left corner and secure them with a brad or ring to create a little book.

Once your cards are ready, give them to your kids along with your wooden tracks. Encourage them to choose a shape and then see if they can recreate it with their tracks!

My boys loved this activity - some shapes they were able to do with their tracks connected, while some required more creativity. They also loved inventing their own shapes too!

My boys have had so much fun with this new shape building challenge, and with all the fun ways they've been playing with their trains thanks to Old Tracks, New Tricks. And our tracks are very happy to still be with us and not off on a yard sale adventure!

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