Printable Recipe Binder for Kids Who Love to Cook

Create a custom recipe binder for kids to organize the recipes they love.

Mommy, can we bake something today?

This is the question I'm asked every morning lately. One of my twins has totally gotten into cooking and every day he wants to try a new recipe. He really loves to bake, though today he wanted to make "potion" like Papa Smurf. (Have I mentioned that both boys are also obsessed with The Smurfs?)

I've been getting out my recipe binder on a daily basis to find something for us to cook together when I realized I should make him one of his very own. I love how it's turned out and I'm sure your little chef in training will love it too!

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Make a custom recipe binder for kids with this adorable printable set! Little chefs will love to have their own kids cookbook filled with all of their favorites. 15 total pages including category dividers, kid friendly recipe card and more. Makes a great gift too!

Printable Recipe Binder for Kids

Cooking is one of the best activities you can do with your child, at just about any age. Cooking engages all of their senses and helps reinforce reading and math skills. It fosters independence and teaches them an important life skill, and often there are cookies to eat when you're done.

I've kept a recipe binder with all of my favorite dishes for years, and my son now loves having his own personalized cookbook too. It's the perfect spot to keep track of the recipes that we have tried together and to help him plan out his cooking projects. Here's what's inside:

You'll find 10 category dividers (one is blank so you can add as many custom sections as you'd like). This helps you organize your recipes by type, with everything from baking and breakfast to sandwiches and snacks. 

You'll also find a recipe index page with a star rating system. We use this as the first page in our book, to keep track of what's inside, what we have already tried, and what he thought of each one. There is also a planning sheet to list what cooking projects you'd like to try each week and any groceries that you need to get.

You'll also find a kid friendly recipe card - including spaces for the tools you need, ingredients, and directions. You can use these to fill in your binder, by writing down your family favorite recipes for everything from peanut butter cookies to simple homemade dog treats

The recipe binder fits perfectly into a standard 3 ring binder. I recommend using page protectors for your pages to keep them clean from the inevitable kitchen spills that come with cooking with kids.

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