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Every day, I make healthy choices for my kids. Double checking that they brush their teeth, take their vitamins, eat balanced meals and get plenty of exercise. All while I am drinking too much coffee, putting off my next dentist appointment, and eating a handful of cereal and calling it a meal.

The annual check up reminder from my doctor stopped me in my tracks. Being a mom with little kids can be tough, and it's easy to ignore your own needs so you can do the best for your kids. What we seem to forget is that being a healthy mom is the best thing you can do for your family. So this month, which happens to be Women's Health Month, is the time that I am committing to focus on making healthy choices for myself so I can feel better and be a better mom. It's easier than you think, and I have a free printable monthly goals calendar to help you along!

Commit to making one healthy choice every day to feel better! These 5 tips will help jump start your healthy lifestyle, including a quick and easy way to have a real healthy meal no matter how busy you are. Track your progress with a free printable monthly goals calendar too!

5 Easy Ways to Make a Healthy Choice Every Day

Choose Healthy Meals - Even When You're Busy

This one can be tough for me, but thanks to Healthy Choice it just got a whole lot easier. Their new Power Bowls are quick and easy ways to get a healthy meal without a lot of work. These frozen meals look and taste like fresh meals that I make for our family, and have become my go to for a healthy lunch that will keep me going for the rest of the day!

The Adobo Chicken Bowl is my favorite - with all natural chicken breast, vegetables, and a mix of rice and quinoa in a delicious guajillo chili sauce. It's packed with a balance of veggies, protein, and whole grains that fuel my busy mom life. And did I mention that it's super yummy too?

The Korean Inspired Beef Bowl is also awesome - my husband doesn't eat beef so I love having the option to eat it for lunch during the week! With all natural beef, shiitake mushrooms, and vegetables served on top of a mix of rice, quinoa, and barley, it has plenty of protein and fiber to keep me fueled and full all afternoon. And just enough spice to keep me on my toes!

I also love that the bowl itself is made from plant-based fiber - no plastic taste here.

With Healthy Choice Power Bowls, every ingredient matters. With recognizable ingredients and modern recipes, there's no excuse not to eat a healthy meal even when you're busy. There are additional Healthy Choice Power Bowl flavors - I can't wait to try the Chicken Sausage & Barley Bowl. Chicken, apple, and gouda cheese? Yes please!

Check out all of the Healthy Choice options here and choose to give yourself a filling, nutritious meal every day.

Choose Water

When I'm not getting enough water I feel terrible. Choose water as often as you can over sugary, caffeinated drinks like coffee or soda. (I still have my 2 cups in the morning, but it's water the rest of the day). Take a reusable water bottle with you when you're out so you're not tempted to hit the drive through for a fix!

Choose to be Active

Make the choice to be active for at least thirty minutes a day. Join in when your kids are playing on the playground instead of sitting on the sidelines. Take the dog for a walk. Or make quick easy choices like taking the stairs and parking farther away from the door when you're out.

Choose to Reduce Your Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on our health like nothing else. Practice deep breathing, yoga, or journaling - anything that helps you to control your reaction to the stress of everyday life. When you are feeling more calm and relaxed your body is better able to take care of itself.

Choose Sleep

This is not always easy as a mom, especially if you have babies or toddlers. They may but up in the night and when they are asleep, you want to do all the things around the house. If you're feeling tired and run down, choose sleep. The house will wait. Go to bed early, and limit distractions before bedtime. Developing good sleep habits is key to feeling well and staying healthy.

Track Your Choices with a Monthly Goals Calendar

Are you ready to commit to making a healthy choice every day this month? Make your goals and track your progress with a free printable monthly goals calendar. Simply click the button below to get yours and start today!


What healthy choice are you going to make today? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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