Guess the Color Game for Kids | Free Printable

A fun guessing and color game for kids that comes with a free printable game board!

When it comes to games for my twin boys, there are three things I usually look for.

Is it easy to set up and play? 

Does it engage them in learning? 

Will they play together for more than 5 minutes without arguing?  (Honestly, if it does this I am negotiable on the other two).

So when I put together this color game for my kids and it hit all three of my targets I knew we had a winner. It's super easy, incorporates lots of learning skills, and is really fun too. Plus you can play anywhere - hello summer road trip activity!

Ready to get a few minutes of peace with a really fun game that you can get for free? Let me show you how.

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A super fun guessing and color game for kids inspired by the new Eric Carle book What's Your Favorite Color! This free printable game makes a perfect color activity for preschoolers or a fun and easy road trip activity!

Guess the Color Game for Kids

I had two inspirations for creating this game. First, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of the new book What's Your Favorite Color? (I think I'm 100th in line for it at the library). This book looks amazing - in it, 15 of your favorite children's authors, including Eric Carle and the late Anna Dewdney, draw their favorite colors and explain why they love them. How cool is that?

I was checking my status in the library hold and watching my boys play one of their favorite games, Guess Who (Trolls Edition, of course), for the millionth time when I thought, why not make our own version of Guess Who but with colors? And like peanut butter and jelly, it came together perfectly.

To play, you first need to download the free printable color game board. Print as many copies as you have kids playing. Simply click the button below to get yours.


Bonus game! Now when you download the game board you will also receive a set of color word cards. Cut these out and use them to match to the correct color on the board for another way to play.

I recommend printing your game boards on card stock or heavy paper and laminating them (love these self-adhesive laminating sheets) so that you can use them over and over again. Once they are printed, clip them to a clipboard and give one to each child. Give them a pencil (or a dry erase marker if you've laminated them) and explain the game.

How to Play the Guess the Color Game

One player will be the picker and one will be the guesser. The picker will choose a color - it can be his favorite color, a color in the room, anything goes. He can mark his choice but make sure the guesser doesn't see.

The guesser then asks questions to try to figure out which color he chose. This is where your kids get creative, and in our house some of the questions have been:

Is it the color of a strawberry?

Is it the color of the sun?

Is is mommy's favorite color?  (awwwww....)

The guesser can mark off the choices as he eliminates them, and when he figures it out, he wins! Then switch roles and start again. 

My boys really love this game - they have fun getting creative with their questions and trying to stump each other with their guesses. And I love that they are practicing their recall, deductive reasoning, and of course, their colors!

You can create different variations of this game too - we play a version where I choose an object and put it in a bag. Then they take turns asking me questions about the object's color, and the first one to guess can peek to see if they are correct. Get creative - I'd love to hear your spin on it!

You can also turn this into a fun road trip game - just grab your clipboards and go.

Like this game? You'll love my color heart matching memory game - and it's free too! Get it here.

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