Would You Eat It? A Green Eggs & Ham Activity | Free Printable

Encourage kids to try new food with this Green Eggs & Ham activity - includes free printables.

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"I am Sam. Sam I am."

I've read Green Eggs & Ham at least a thousand times, but something just dawned on me. I am Sam. And if you've ever struggled with getting your kids to try a new food, you are too.

One of my twins is a very selective eater (I don't like to say "picky eater" because it sounds so negative). Many kids are selective during the toddler and preschool years, and we moms end up sounding just like Sam I Am when we are trying to get them to please just try it one time.

"Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?"

We were re-reading Green Eggs & Ham when I realized that I could use Sam I Am's antics to encourage my boys to try out some new foods. And it worked! No nagging involved - just a fun, interactive way to encourage them to sample something new and to voice their honest opinion on it in a safe, supportive way.

Let Sam I Am help you encourage your kids to try new food with this fun Green Eggs & Ham activity! Includes free printables to make tasting new food fun and interactive - perfect for picky toddlers and preschoolers. Dr. Seuss | Green Eggs & Ham | Free Printable

Would You Eat It? A Green Eggs & Ham Activity

This activity is so simple and my kids really loved it. You don't need to have a selective eater to have lots of fun with it - my son who will try anything really enjoyed the process of picking and rating new foods too. This is a great activity for home or the preschool classroom. Here's what you need to play along.

Start with this free printable set - just click the button below to download yours.


The set includes a tasting placemat and food tracker. I recommend laminating the placemat for easy clean up (I love these self adhesive laminating sheets).

Simply set the placemat and tasting tracker out with an assortment of new foods for your kids. You can tailor this to your kids palate - go simple for your selective eater and be more adventurous for kids who love to try new things!

Then, after reading Green Eggs & Ham (or checking out the interactive Green Eggs & Ham app, which we love), invite your kids to be just like the characters in the book!

Have them place a new food in the center of the placemat. Then ask them, in your most fun Sam I Am voice, "would you eat it?" And when they do, ask if they like it or do not like it. Encourage them to be honest, as the point of this activity is simply the act of tasting and trying something new, and it's totally OK for them to voice their opinion. Record the food and their reaction on the tasting tracker.

If you need some inspiration for food to try, check out this Dr. Seuss inspired cookbook for lots of fun ideas!

Adventurous eaters will likely want to try several foods at once, but your more selective eater may find this activity to be a bit of sensory overload if you do too many foods at one time. I like to use this at mealtimes to encourage my son to just try one new food each day, and we keep our tasting tracker on the refrigerator as reinforcement. It's become a wonderful tool for our family to help expand his palate and bring a lot less stress to our meals.

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