Free Printable Valentine Matching Game for Kids

A free printable Valentine matching game for kids featuring different color hearts!

As a kid, I loved playing Memory, and ever since I made a quick dog matching game for my boys they have loved it too. Matching memory games are not only fun, but they have so many benefits for preschoolers and their developing skills as well. Memory games help with visual recognition, increased attention to detail, and concentration. Plus they are easy boredom busters that my boys can play solo or together. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I put together a new Valentine matching game for them and I have it here as a free printable for you too!

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A free printable Valentine themed matching game for kids! Preschoolers will love to match the different color hearts in this easy and fun memory game. Makes a great Valentines gift for kids too!

Valentine Matching Game for Kids

This game is just like the Memory game you grew up with - but with a fun Valentine heart theme and an extra dose of color recognition too. It's super easy to set up and you can play in a number of ways.

Start by downloading your set of color heart cards. You can get it by clicking the Get It Now button below. You'll receive a 2 page PDF file - the first page is the color hearts and the second is a back page to make sure that the cards aren't see through. I recommend printing on card stock, and be sure to print two copies, double sided to create your cards.


Playing the Valentine Matching Game

Once your cards are printed, simply cut along the dashed lines. You should have 2 matching sets of 12 hearts (24 cards total). I recommend a guillotine cutter for easy straight lines every time.

Once your cards are cut, mix them up and place them face down on a table or the floor. Invite your kids to try to find the matching heart pairs! 

This game is great to help with color recognition, concentration, and sorting and storing information. You can also modify it for younger kids, by starting with all the cards face up, or by laying out one set of cards and having them match the corresponding color heart from the pile.

I love this activity because my boys can also play together as a team or even compete to see who can make the most matches. It's even a good game to recharge my tired mommy brain!

You can also print these sets and give them to friends as an easy and inexpensive Valentine gift. Let them know they are your perfect match with this fun game!

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