Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes for Kids

Free printable Christmas thank you notes for kids to write and send!

Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes for Kids! Help kids write thank you letters to Santa, Grandma, and friends with these super cute printable notes. Love this idea for helping kids learn gratitude at Christmas!

I am a firm believer in writing thank you notes, and starting early. Christmas is a time when our kids are often showered with gifts from everyone from mom and dad to Grandma to Santa, and it's important to instill a sense of gratitude in them for the generosity of those around them. We started working on being thankful last month with this fun gratitude activity and now we are getting ready to say thank you for our Christmas gifts too. And, I'm making it easier on my preschoolers with this super cute printable thank you letter.

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Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes for Kids

In the age of email and text, it's easy to forget how wonderful it is to receive a handwritten thank you note. I may be old fashioned, but I think letter writing is an art that we must continue to pass on to our kids. Writing thank you letters not only helps them to remember to express their gratitude for their gifts, but gives them important practice in writing too! 

These printable thank you notes are great for encouraging kids to say thank you for their Christmas gifts. For pre-writers like mine, you can have them dictate their notes. Older kids can write them on their own. These notes are perfect to drop in the mail to Grandma, give to friends, or even to send to the North Pole to Santa! Simply download, print, and let your kids express their thanks for the gifts they receive.

To download your own printable Christmas Thank You Notes, simply click the button below. Print as many as you need to make sure that everyone receives a personalized note from your child.


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