Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes for Kids

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer with these adorable thank you notes. Whether kids are excited about the presents under the tree or just want to let friends and family know that they appreciate their thoughtful gifts, this free printable will be a great way to share the love!

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I am a firm believer in writing thank you notes, and starting early. Writing thank you notes is a great way to teach your kids gift giving etiquette and good manners.

Christmas is a time when our kids are often showered with gifts from everyone from mom and dad to grandparents to Santa, and it's important to instill a sense of gratitude in them for the generosity of those around them. We started working on being thankful last month with this fun gratitude activity and now we are getting ready to say thank you for our Christmas gifts too, with a free printable blank Christmas thank you note template that your kiddos can use too!

Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes

Around Christmas time, we're inundated with advice on what to do and what not to do. One piece of advice that is often overlooked - send a thank you note! Whether you received a gift or just enjoyed some time with your family and friends, a handwritten thank you note to the gift giver is always appreciated.

These printable thank you notes are great for encouraging kids to say thank you for their Christmas gifts.  These notes are perfect to drop in the mail to Grandma, give to friends, or even to send to the North Pole to Santa! Simply download, print, and let your kids express their appreciation for the gifts they receive during the holiday season.

Tips for Writing Handwritten Notes

Younger children may need some help writing their thank you notes. The printable gives them a start, with a fill-in prompt for "Dear" and "Thank you for..." and blank lines for the remainder of their message.

Once they have filled in these lines, they can add their own personal message. If they are stuck on what to write, encourage them to include how they plan to use the gift, a detail that they are loving about it, or even a drawing of themselves with the gift. Be sure to close with a merry Christmas and happy new year wish!

Download Your Printable Thank You Note Template

To download your own printable Christmas Thank You Notes, simply click the button below. Grab the freebie by entering your info below, then print as many as you need to make sure that everyone receives a personalized note from your child.

Set the Mood for Cozy Letter Writing

When we sit down to write our Christmas thank you notes, I love to create a cozy atmosphere by setting up our Hot Cocoa Bar (with coffee for me!). You can see how I make a cozy Cocoa and Coffee Bar at  home and recreate it on your own with free printable labels. See the set up here.

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