The Printable 2017 Year Planner You Need to Get Organized

Get organized with a printable 2017 year planner you can customize to fit your goals.

A printable planner for 2017 with everything you need to be organized! Includes monthly calendars, to do lists, meal plan, goals and more. Over 20 planning pages!

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Maybe it's mommy brain, or the lack of a good night's sleep for about 4 years... but these days I need to have reminders for everything. Seriously, I just got up from my desk, walked into the kitchen, and had no idea why I went in there. It was probably for another cup of coffee, which I did grab since I was there anyway.

The only way to combat my mom brain (besides more coffee) is to be sure I write everything down. If I don't write something down, it's not going to happen.  That's why I love having a printable planner. I've tried organizing apps, list making apps, you name it, but nothing replaces getting out a pencil and writing things down on paper. (And I always use a pencil because I erase a lot). I've spent years on the quest for the perfect planner and when I couldn't find it, I decided to make my own. This planner helps me organize my life with kids and I know it can do the same for you.

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Printable 2017 Planner

This planner has everything you need to get organized for 2017. Inside, you'll find more than 20 planning pages to keep your days, weeks, and months on track, including:

  • Front and Back Covers
  • 2017 Year at a Glance Calendar
  • 2017 Goals Page
  • Important Dates Tracker for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • Dated Monthly Calendars for 2017
  • Daily To Do List
  • Weekly To Do List
  • Weekly Schedule (2 page spread)
  • Weekly Meal Plan with Shopping List
  • Notes Page

Assembling Your Planner

The beauty of using a printable planner is that you can arrange the pages any way that works best for you to make it totally custom. Here's how I have mine put together to get you started!

I keep everything in a 3 ring binder (this is the one I have). I use these pretty tab dividers between each section, and these bookmark dividers inside each section to keep my place.

In the first section, I have my front cover, 2017 at a glance calendar, important dates for the year and my yearly goals list.

The second section is my daily to do list. I often tear this page out and carry it with me on errands or keep it handy on the kitchen counter.

Third is my weekly to do list. I print this double sided with my weekly meal plan so that when my planner lies flat, I can see both pages. I've also included a weekly schedule in a 2 page spread in the planner in case you prefer that type of weekly view.

Next is my month at a glance. This is where I put all the important dates and appointments I need to keep, along with my goals for the month.

Finally I keep a section of blank notes pages for jotting down anything else I may need to remember (or to make a honey do list for my husband!).

This set up leaves me lots of room for more planning sections as specific needs come up (like when I need to plan a Birthday Party). You can visit the Planners & Journals areas of my shop for all my add on pages!

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