Give a Children's Book Subscription Kids Love (and Parents Too!)

Give a children's book subscription that kids and parents will love!

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"What should we get the boys for Christmas?" It's such a generous question, but one that can be hard to answer, especially when you have toddlers or really small kids. It seems like they already have so many toys, and when they get them all at once on Christmas it's overwhelming for all of us. But I have finally found the perfect answer - something screen and battery free that my kids will love, and that they can enjoy far beyond Christmas Day: a monthly children's book subscription from Bookroo.

A kid's book subscription from Bookroo makes the perfect gift! Kids and parents will love the unique and fun choices every month. See what's inside our Bookroo box and get a special deal too!

Giving the Gift of Books

Books are always wonderful gifts, especially for parents of young children who are sometimes struggling with toy clutter. Reading aloud to children is one of the greatest things that you can do, and providing variety from a young age helps kids learn to love and enjoy books. But as any parent who had been given 5 copies of Goodnight, Moon can tell you, it can be hard to find new titles that kids will love. This is where Bookroo becomes your best gift giving assistant by doing all the hard work for you!

The Bookroo Book Subscription Difference

We were so excited when our Bookroo box arrived. The books were beautifully wrapped, with a personalized note and a cute card describing the books inside. The boys couldn't wait to open them up! This is such a great touch, as kids love opening presents and with a Bookroo subscription, they can do it every month.

But what was inside was even better. Bookroo's goal is to send "hidden gems" that you are not likely to own already or find easily in the store. Click here to read more about their selection process - it's really interesting how they decide what goes in each box! The process really works - the two picture books we received were perfect.

Our first book was a fun holiday themed book, Catch That Cookie!, which actually inspired us to create our own gingerbread man hunt (see it here).  This book is sure to become a family holiday classic and is on heavy rotation right now.

Our other book, Edmund Unravels, was a sweet coming of age story about a ball of yarn (yes, really). It was incredibly charming and is now on my must give list for graduates and new parents!

I was so pleased with the quality of our Bookroo selections - I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for us!

Give a Bookroo Subscription and Save 

Are you ready to give Bookroo a try, for a gift or for your own kids? It's easy - choose between the 2 picture book box (like ours) or a 3 board book box for babies & toddlers, then pick your subscription length - they have 1, 3, 6, or 12 month options for all budgets.

And as a special gift just for my readers, use the code LAURRIZE to get $10 off your purchase! Click here to start giving the gift of reading.

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