Dream Snow Christmas Ornament for Kids to Make

An easy Christmas ornament for kids to make inspired by Eric Carle's Dream Snow.

Kids can create this Christmas ornament inspired by Dream Snow by Eric Carle. A really fun book inspired Christmas craft that is perfect for all ages!

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Nothing gets us more excited for Christmas than heading to the library and picking out a big stack of holiday books. And then we pick our favorite and create a new ornament inspired by our book - the perfect addition to our Christmas tree. We started this tradition last year when we first participated in the 10 Days of a Kid Made Christmas and I think we will be doing it for a long time to come.

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Last year, we read If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and created Glitter Popcorn Ornaments - a super fun and easy craft for all ages. This year, we've turned to one of my all time favorite authors, Eric Carle, for another simple craft that is perfect for little kids and moms alike.

This year our ornament is inspired by Dream Snow by Eric Carle. This wonderful book captivated my boys on first reading and it is easy to see why. With gorgeous art and lovely story, Dream Snow is a Christmas classic. My boys loved it so much, I'm thinking of getting them this matching Dream Snow advent calendar too!

Dream Snow tells the story of a farmer, who falls asleep on Christmas Eve wondering if Christmas will come without snow. As he naps he dreams of snow, then wakes up to a winter wonderland!

One of our favorite parts of Dream Snow is how each page has a clear overlay of "snow" covering Eric Carle's signature collage artwork. It inspired us to create these easy ornaments that are fun for kids of all ages to create.

Dream Snow Christmas Ornaments

To create these ornaments, you'll need:

Start by cutting several sheets of tissue paper into small squares. Remove the top of your ornament and invite your child to fill it with the small pieces of paper. (This is awesome fine motor practice!)

When the ornament is filled, replace the top so you can add the snow. Do this by dotting white paint on the outside of the ornament.

Allow to dry, and it's ready to decorate your Christmas tree. Just in time for you to dream of snow and a white Christmas!

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