North Pole Ninjas: Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf

Looking for alternatives to elf on the shelf? Try spreading kindness with the North Pole Ninjas!

Looking for alternatives to Elf on the Shelf? Try spreading kindness with the North Pole Ninjas! This super cute book comes with 50 kindness missions to help kids do good deeds before Christmas. We love this idea!

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We were given an Elf on the Shelf for my twins' first Christmas. I thought it was cute but had no idea what to do with it since my boys were only 5 months old, so I packed it up with the Christmas decorations and figured we'd get it out in a couple of years.

Then I got to know the Elf on the Shelf idea a little more, and with every picture that came across my Facebook feed of elves in elaborate set ups, I started to get a little nervous. Did I really want to commit to coming up with a daily elf adventure, needing to outdo myself every day, every year? And what if I forgot to move him? I was getting pretty intimidated, and then I got to thinking about something even more important: do I really want my kids to think that Santa sent a spy to catch them acting up? What message is that sending? 

No offense if you are a fan of the Elf (and I do love those crazy creative photos), but I decided it just wasn't for me. I love the idea of doing something special every day leading up to Christmas, but could we do something that was a bit more positive and helped spread some Christmas kindness?

Then I got a special delivery of my own: a new book and gift set from my friends at Penguin Young Readers. Like it was sent straight from Santa, inside was the answer to my dilemma and the perfect Elf on the Shelf alternative for my family: the North Pole Ninjas.

North Pole Ninjas: Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf

North Pole Ninjas are a secret group of Santa's elves whose mission is to spread kindness through anonymous good deeds. They are looking for new recruits and if you take the North Pole Ninja Pact, you agree to take on a new top secret mission of kindness every day until Christmas (with the help of your super huggable sensei).

The North Pole Ninjas gift box comes with everything you need to carry out your kindness missions - a fun storybook by Tyler Knott Gregson and Sarah Linden which explains the story of the Ninjas, a North Pole Ninja pact for you to sign, and 50 kindness missions for your family to carry out. The missions are simple and appropriate for kids of all ages, with things like:

  • "Go for a walk and pick up any litter you find along the way. Make your streets sparkle!"
  • "Bring a plate of treats to your local fire station. The firefighters work hard and will happily gobble them up."
  • "Sit and chat with a new friend at lunch. Make them feel happy."
And my favorite, Greet each person you see all day with a smile. All smiles, all day. What a simple act of kindness that we need every day!

My family is ready to take on the North Pole Ninjas challenge this year and fill our days before Christmas with kindness and good deeds. Are you? Let's commit to spreading kindness together!

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