Free Printable Monster Bookplates & Monster Books for Kids

Free printable monster bookplates to decorate, plus our favorite monster books for kids!

Get these adorable free printable monster bookplates to personalize your kids' books. And find out our top 5 favorite monster books for kids too! These super cute monsters are perfect as is, or kids can color and decorate them to make them unique. Make a great monster party favor!

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I've come to discover that one of the side effects of learning to write your name is that you want to put it on EVERYTHING. Now that we are a couple of weeks into preschool my boys want to see their names everywhere. And since I have always loved bookplates, I thought it would be really fun to have a set that we could use to personalize their books. Since books are made to be shared, bookplates are a practical way to make sure that your books are returned to you, but I love them because they make your books so personal and special. Since Halloween is just around the corner, we've been reading lots of monster books. So what could be better than monster bookplates for our favorite monster books!

5 Favorite Monster Books for Kids

Even though Halloween is this month, we read these monster books all year long. I'll admit that two of the books on the list are among my all time favorites to read aloud to my kids (and one was my favorite to be read to as a child). These monsters are silly, lovable, and not at all scary, making them perfect for all ages. 

(pictured above, clockwise from bottom left)

The "whatif" monster follows little Jonathan James as he navigates the fears and worries of childhood in this thoughtful and charming book. We use it to help talk about our worries and even created a fun way to deal with our "whatifs" - see it here.

Oh help, oh no... it's the Gruffalo! This might be my #1 favorite book to read aloud to my boys (I do a great Gruffalo voice). So much so that their third birthday party had a Gruffalo theme (see our Gruffalo party food ideas here). If you haven't read it yet it is an instant favorite and one that should be on the top of your library list.

This book is so fun and really clever. You can mix the pages to create different stories and different silly monsters. My boys love it! It even inspired us to create our own mix and match monsters - see them here.

This is a brand new monster book that was sent to me by the publisher, and I am pretty sure we read it 10 times that first day. It's not often that I find a book that makes my boys laugh out loud every time but this one does! It's really fun and makes a great bedtime story (if you can get over the giggles).

I saved the best for last. This was my favorite book to have read to me as a child and now my boys love it too. What else can I say about lovable, furry old Grover and his futile attempts to avoid the monster at the end of the book. If you haven't read this one (or it has been a while) get it today. You won't be sorry.

Free Printable Monster Bookplates

Since we're reading all things monster we decided to label our books with these free printable monster bookplates! These cute little monsters would love to adorn your kids' favorite books too (monster or otherwise). 

They are adorable as is, or you can have your kids color them in to make them even more unique. Simply click on the button below to grab yours! Print them on full sheet label paper, cut out, and personalize your favorite books.


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