Free Printable Farm Animal Bookmarks for Kids to Color

Free printable farm animal bookmarks that kids can color!

Free printable farm animal bookmarks for kids to color! These farm coloring pages are perfect for a preschool farm theme or just for fun. Decorate these cute bookmarks and be sure to check out our new favorite Farm book for preschoolers too!

On any given day, if we have the windows open, we can hear the baaaa of a sheep or the moo of a cow. We're really lucky to have a working farm as our backyard neighbor, much to the delight of my farm animal loving kids. So it's no surprise that anything with farm animals is a big hit in our house. And since we love to read and are just starting to get into chapter books (see one we love, Dominic, here) I knew my boys would love to have some farm animal bookmarks that they could color themselves. I had an illustrator friend create these for us and they are perfect for our new favorite farm book!

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Printable Farm Animal Bookmarks for Kids to Color

These bookmarks are super cute - with a pig, sheep, and cow perfect for any farm animal loving kids. They make a great addition to a preschool farm theme. They would also be a really fun activity to get ready for a Fall trip to a farm! Your kids can color them any way they would like - there's even a space to create your own background design too.

Our New Favorite Farm Book

OK, I know it is only September, but we were browsing new books at the library and this one caught my son's eye. We checked it out and have read it several times a day ever since! And it was the perfect pick to go with our farm animal bookmarks.

There's something not quite right at Farmer Greg's farm, the setting of The Mystery of the Haunted Farm by Elys Dolan. And it is up to the Three Pigs Ghost Hunters ("I ain't afraid of no goats!") to find out what is going on. More silly than spooky, with a funny twist and just enough potty humor to keep kids in stitches, this book is fun to read all year round, not just at Halloween. 

My boys love this book so much that they couldn't wait to make their own "haunted farm" animals out of our bookmarks. Little ghostbusters fan will love to make their own "slime sheep" as we call it. 

If you want a funny farm book that's perfect for Fall, be sure to check out The Mystery of the Haunted Farm. Then download your free printable farm animal bookmarks and make spooky farm animals of your own! Just click the button below to grab yours.


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