Free Printable Family Chore Chart Set with 6 Colors

This printable family chore chart set has 6 different colors for multiple children and adults too!

Get organized and take care of everyday chores with this FREE printable family chore chart set! With 6 different colors you have one for each member of the family - kids and adults too!

Helping around the house is part of being a family. Since my boys were very small, I've encouraged them to join me in taking care of some of the things we need to do every day to keep our house clean. Even as toddlers, they were able to help me sweep crumbs, pick up toys, and put (some) dishes away.  They also help take care of our pets (check out our Pet Chore Chart here). As they are getting a little older I'm giving them more regular chores so that they can continue to learn a bit of responsibility and the teamwork that goes with being a member of the family.

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Free Printable Family Chore Chart

To help us keep our daily chores straight, I've put together a super simple printable chore chart for kids, or even adults! This chore chart is totally customizable, with 6 spaces to write in chores that need to be done and a box to check off each day as they are completed. And with 6 different colors, you can have a different one for each member of the family - even yourself. I always need a reminder of chores that I need to accomplish each day, and I love the feeling of checking off a box when I'm done.

I've also included a box at the bottom for a reward when you are finished. Use this box in whatever way is appropriate for your family - an extra hour of screen time, an allowance, or even a fun family treat that you can all enjoy!

You can hang your printable chore charts on the refrigerator, in your kids' rooms, or on a bulletin board in your family command center. You can even laminate them (I love these self adhesive laminating sheets that don't require a laminator!) and use dry erase markers so that you can reuse them over and over again.

Or use them for yourself in your home organization binder. Check out all my printable planners here to create your perfect organizing system!

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