Football Discovery Bottle

This football discovery bottle makes a fun game for kids or a stress reliever for you!

Football fun for kids or adults! This football discovery bottle is great for kids to play and learn counting by 10, or it can be a super fun football party decoration! Also makes a great stress reliever when you're watching the game.

The first day of football season is like a holiday in my house. Putting on our team jerseys and cheering for our home team is our Sunday ritual, and my boys are starting to get in the spirit too. Since they are into all things football this time of year, I thought it would be fun to put together an easy football discovery bottle for them.

This bottle took just a few minutes to make and is really fun - they can practice making the football move up and down the "field" just like their favorite players! And it makes a super cute decoration for a football party or even a distraction for adults during tense game moments. Want to make one too? Here's the how to.

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Football Discovery Bottle Supplies

To make your football discovery bottle, you will need:

  • Clean bottle or jar. I recommend a large VOSS bottle - you will need something with a wide opening to fit your football inside. If you don't have a VOSS bottle you can use a jar.
  • Small football. I used this soft one (the link is for a multipack on Amazon for your reference, but I found them on sale individually at the party store for under $1.) If you can't find one to fit your bottle you can always cut a football shape out of sturdy cardboard.
  • Green Shredded Paper
  • Ruler
  • White Marker

Making Your Football Discovery Bottle

This bottle is so simple to make. First, make sure your bottle is clean and dry. Then, use the ruler and marker to make your football field lines down one side of the bottle.

I started in the center with the 50 yard line, and went from there. You can even add small rectangles at each end for your end zone!

Then add a small amount of green paper shred. You want just a little bit so that your football has room to move. Add just a tiny bit at first, you can always add more later.

Squeeze your football into the bottle. This is the hardest part, you'll have to squish it a bit, but if you use the same football as I did and a VOSS bottle it will work!

Once the football is in, you can add a little more grass. Test it out to make sure your football has room to move, and when you're satisfied with it, close it up. That's it!

Fun with Your Football Discovery Bottle

Once your bottle is done, let your kids check it out and explore. You can help them count the numbers along the sides (great for practicing counting by 10), and let them move the football up and down to see if they can score a touchdown.

They can also explore how they can make the football move fast or slow - or even try to play along while they watch the game!

The bottle also makes a great stress reliever for dads (and moms) who might need to do something with their hands during those tense game moments.

Football Books for Kids

Reading a book about football is a great way to extend the fun after playing with your football bottle. We love the "A Football Story" series, especially if you can find one for your favorite team. Check them out here and see if your team is on the list. 

Here's a few more fun football books to check out too!

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