How to Organize Plastic Bags with a DIY Bag Holder

Easy DIY Plastic Bag Holder - upcycle a container you probably have at home into a cute plastic bag holder. Love this idea for organizing all those grocery bags!

No matter how many times I try to remember to bring reusable bags to the store I always seem to end up with a houseful of plastic bags. I use them, but I could not figure out how to organize plastic bags in my house. Plastic grocery bags are my go to in so many situations - cleaning my cat's litter box, taking my dogs for a walk, trash bags for the car, wet bags after the pool - you name it, I will find a use for every plastic bag that enters my house. But they can get a little unweidy, and I needed a place to organize them where I could find them easily. I wanted something cute too, that I could keep in the kitchen or bathroom without having to hide it in a cabinet. So I put together a super easy plastic bag holder DIY that you can easily personalize to go with any decor. Want the how to? Here you go!

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Plastic Bag Holder DIY

This DIY recycles something you probably already have at home, and can be customized to just about any decor. Here's what you need:

The beauty of this project is you can personalize it to your tastes just based on the design of contact paper that you choose. I used the blue batik print for my kitchen, but you can find tons of choices on Amazon.


Start by removing the label from your empty oatmeal canister. Clean it out with a slightly damp paper towel to remove any crumbs. Carefully remove the plastic ring from the top (be sure to save it, you'll need it later!)

Cut your contact paper to fit completely around the canister. Allow for a slight (1/4") overhang at the top. Carefully wrap the canister with the contact paper - the easiest way to do this is to remove the backing from the paper, lay it flat out face down, then roll the canister starting at one end until it is completely covered. Press down the top overhang to completely cover the top edge.

Take the plastic ring that you removed at the beginning, and coat the inside edge with a thin bead of glue. Slide the ring back on to the top of the canister and press down until it is secure. Allow to dry.

Next, take the lid of the container, flip it upside down, and use your knife to cut a large X in the center. Be careful and do this on a cutting board!

If you'd like to label your container, grab one of your chalkboard labels and a permanent chalk marker to create your label. This is optional, but in my house I often hear, "do we have any bags?" so I thought it was a good idea. Press the label onto the container.

Now fill up your container with bags, put the top back on, and you're done! The bags can easily be pulled through the top to dispense as you need them.

I just love how this turned out and it's so functional! It's cute enough to sit on my kitchen counter or in my powder room, and it keeps all the grocery bags contained. I'm making one to keep in the car too. I love how clean and organized it keeps things (and it's pretty cute too).

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