Preparing for a Cat Sitter with a Free Printable Cat Information Checklist

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Make sure your cat sitter is prepared with a free printable cat information sheet! Don't leave home without leaving all the important information your cat sitter needs - find it all here in a handy cat sitter checklist!

Open a suitcase in my house and one thing is sure to happen - my cat Biggie will jump inside and make himself at home. You might think he's trying to keep us from leaving or trying to stow away and come with us, but I think he's actually helping us pack so that he can hang out with the cat sitter. We like to make things as easy and comfortable for both our cat and the cat sitter every time we travel, and all that preparation is paying off! If you're traveling this summer and leaving kitty at home, make sure to be prepared so you can enjoy your vacation and have a bit of peace of mind that your cat is happy and well cared for too.

We adopted Biggie from our local animal shelter 8 years ago, and from day one he's been the king of our house. I am so happy that we found him, and thanks to Fresh Step, we were able to make a $100 donation to the shelter in his honor to help other cats find their forever homes.

Making sure that Biggie is well cared for is a big priority when we're planning to be out of town. Our dogs spend our vacations at a fantastic kennel (we call it the doggie spa), but Biggie prefers to stay home to enjoy the undivided attention of our cat sitter.

Choosing a Cat Sitter

Choosing a cat sitter requires a bit of diligence - if you don't have one already, I recommend starting by asking friends or your veterinarian for a reference. Be sure to plan far enough ahead to meet your cat sitter in person at your home and to check their references. And make sure they get along well with your cat! Some cats can be very shy or even fearful of new people, so you want to ensure that they have time to warm up to their cat sitter before you leave them alone together.

We're lucky to have a wonderful cat sitter in our next door neighbor, and Biggie adores her! Though truth be told, Biggie is friendly and welcoming to everyone he meets, and has never had a problem being shy. Our cat sitter has told us some fun stories about their time together - while other cats might hide, Biggie always greets her at the door with a loud meow and a request for a head scratch. He's been known to drag his toys to the door in anticipation of her arrival, and to knock his food bowl over in protest when she doesn't arrive right on time (#YouGottaBeKittenMe, right?). No matter what shenanigans he is up to, she loves him like we do. And he loves having her undivided attention, especially since he's usually sharing the house with two dogs and two small kids.

Free Printable Cat Sitting Information Sheet

To be sure things go smoothly for both of them while we're away, we always leave a list of Biggie's important information in one spot. I've created a handy information sheet that I'm sharing here as a free printable for your cat (or cats) too!

This free printable information sheet includes all the important information you want to leave for your cat sitter when you're away - emergency contact information, feeding and medication instructions, along with information about your cat's favorite toys and even their favorite hiding places (in case your cat isn't a greeter like Biggie). Simply download and print, then fill it out for your cat and leave it somewhere where your cat sitter can easily access it. We keep ours on a bulletin board in our kitchen, along with a photo of Biggie just in case (if he were to get lost, for instance).

Download your free printable cat information sheet here.

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Stock Up on Supplies

In addition to having this All About My Cat information sheet filled out and ready for your cat sitter, it's also important to make sure that your cat supplies are well stocked before you head out for vacation. You don't want your cat sitter to be left without something they need! Make sure that they have an ample supply of food, any medication your cat requires, as well as treats and toys so that they can spoil them a bit too.

I also like to make sure that our litter box supplies are stocked - I pick up a big bag of our favorite litter, Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze at Sam's Club. The 42 lb bag ensures that I have plenty, and since it comes in a bag its easier to store, transport and reseal.  I love that the lower dust formula helps keep our bathroom cleaner, and the fresh Lemongrass citrus scent with the odor controlling power of Febreze helps ensure that our house smells clean too.

Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze also has Borate Technology for superior ammonia control - it acts as an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria keeping everything fresh and clean.

I also include plenty of bags for litter disposal, our litter scoop, and a small hand broom and dustpan to help clean up any spills or scatter, all in one convenient spot. This way I know that our cat sitter has everything that she needs to take care of Biggie and they can enjoy their time together!

Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze is only available at Sam's Club, where I love to stock up on my pet supplies all the time, not just before vacations. And you can get $3.50 off the 42 lb. bag of Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze through the Instant Savings Book for May (valid 5/11-6/5).

We love our cat Biggie, so making sure that he is well cared for when we are away is very important to us. Having our cat information sheet helps keep our cat sitter prepared, along with stocking up on all our pet supplies like Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze. Check it out here!

Do you have any fun stories about the antics your cat has been up to when you're away? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook!

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