Mini Drums: Family Dinner Book Club Craft for Drum Dream Girl

Upcycle a K-Cup into an adorable mini drum with this easy craft inspired by Drum Dream Girl! Join us for Family Dinner Book Club as we read Drum Dream Girl and make this fun and easy craft for kids!

It's the first of the month so that means it's time to start planning April's Family Dinner Book Club! This is one of my favorite projects every month, mainly because I LOVE seeing all your photos of your own family dinners on the Family Dinner Book Club Facebook page. Please keep them coming!

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If you haven't participated before, Family Dinner Book Club is an awesome way to connect as a family over a great book and a great meal. Every month, we have a new kids' book for you to enjoy as a family. Then Jodie from Growing Book by Book gives you conversation starters and a service project idea while Sarah from Daisy at Home shares a delicious themed menu. Finally, I bring you a fun and easy table craft!

This month, our Family Dinner Book Club pick is Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle. Based on a true story, Drum Dream Girl follows a little girl who lives on a musical island and dreams of playing the drums... but everyone tells her only boys can play drums. She doesn't give up and finally becomes a drummer - paving the way for little girls all over the island. Drum Dream Girl is a beautifully illustrated tale about following through with your dreams no matter what stands in your way.

After reading Drum Dream Girl, we decided to make mini drums as our table craft. These are super cute, and you can use them for decoration or even as place cards. And they are really easy too! Here's the how to.

Mini Drum Supplies:


Start with clean empty K-Cups or plastic cups. Choose an assortment of washi tape and wrap around the K-Cup until it is completely covered. Be creative and make any pattern you'd like!

Then, cut a piece of construction paper into a 4 inch square. Place it on top of the open end of the K-Cup, then pull taut as you gather it around the top of the cup.

Hold tightly and secure with the paper ribbon. Tie it as tight as you can! Then trim the excess paper and snip the ends of the ribbon. That's it - now you have an adorable miniature drum!

You can use these to decorate your table for your Family Dinner Book Club night - have each family member make their own drum. You can also write each person's name on the top of the drum and use them as place cards!

To complete your Family Dinner Book Club, be sure to check out the conversation starters & service project here, and the book themed menu here. And don't forget to share photos of your dinner with us on Facebook!

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  1. These are fantastic and perfect for Family Dinner Book Club this month!!! Thank you!

  2. Hey Laura! THESE are adorable! Would love to share with our readers. I am creating a round up of Upcycled Kids Crafts and would love to include this, can I use your photo in the my post with link back and proper attribution of course? The round up will be posted on
    Thanks for considering!

    1. Definitely Melissa, thanks! Share the roundup to my FB page when it's done!

  3. These are too cute! Thanks for the idea. I am looking forward to sharing this craft with the Parents & Tots I work with. I know they will all love. Its a great idea especially I have a feeling I will use more than once since the organization I work for is First Nations and adding a cultural component to these is going to be easy. Thanks

    1. That's awesome Lori, I'd love to see what you do! Feel free to share on our Family Dinner Book Club Facebook page anytime.


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