Celebrating Mom When You're a Mom Too

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When you become a mom, you understand and appreciate your own mother more than ever. Celebrate her on Mother's Day with a special gift and be sure to tell her how much you love her.

"Mommy, I did it! I did it!" Those were the first words that I said to my mom after I became a mom, in a tear filled phone call moments after my twins were born. She was the first person I called, the first person that I wanted to tell that my children - her grandchildren - had arrived. And though we have always been close, it wasn't until I became a mother myself that I truly understood her, appreciated her, and to be honest, needed her more than I ever had. She has said that now that I'm a mom that Mother's Day is about me, but I disagree. And this year for Mother's Day I'm surprising (and celebrating) her with a special gift.

My mom has always been there for me. I've always admired her strength, her patience, and her never ending ability to care for those around her. And when I became a mom, I looked to her wisdom and guidance to help me navigate those early and tough days of motherhood.

When my twins were barely a week old and my husband went back to work, she came to stay with us to help me get acclimated to motherhood (and take a shower and a nap). I was a little bit of a mess then - sleep deprived with two babies who were not quite getting the hang of nursing. She helped get us on track - taking care of me so that I could take care of them. By the time she left I was more organized, a little more put together, and definitely ready to be a mom.

And she's still there for us every day - always just a phone call away, a helping hand when my husband has to travel, and the sympathetic ear when everything seems to be falling apart. She's always the one who tells me that I am not in fact the world's worst mother on those days when it feels like I am (and we all have them).

My mom is always there for us, and I've tried to be there for her, especially for the past two years since my dad passed away. I lost my dad but she lost the love of her life and her partner for 50 years. And though she misses him every day, she still finds the strength to be there for her children and grandchildren, and to be the true heart and soul of our family.

I wanted to give my mom a special gift this year for Mother's Day, something that would remind her of our family and help to show her how much she means to me. When I saw the Tree of Life Necklace from Hallmark Jewelry I knew it was the perfect choice.

The polished sterling silver Tree of Life pendant with sparkling cubic zirconia-studded leaves is such a perfect choice for my mom - she is the strength and the foundation of our family, allowing her children and grandchildren to grow and flourish like the branches and leaves. The timeless design of the necklace makes it something that I know she will love - and the custom gift packaging with the message "Love begins with family" perfectly sums up her and her love for her family.

I decided we should surprise her with an early Mother's Day picnic at the playground - one of our favorite outings - to give her the necklace. I started out by having my boys make her a special homemade card. We used dot markers to make a tree to go with the Tree of Life pendant.

She was so surprised when my son handed her the box - I don't think she was expecting a gift!

And was even more surprised to see the beautiful necklace inside.

She loved it! I know it was extra special coming from both me and my sons. And it was a great chance for me to tell her how much I appreciate her, and how her support and love means the world to all of us.

And now she can carry this reminder of our family and how much we love her next to her heart every day.

Becoming a mom has brought my relationship with my own mom to a whole new level. As close as we were before, I know now the true depth of her love for me (and my brother and sister), and how she would do anything for us. I understand how she always supports us and believes in us, even when we put her through the trials and tribulations of growing up. And this Mother's Day, I'm so happy that I got the chance to tell her how much she means to me, now more than ever that I'm a mom too. And I hope her new necklace helps remind her of this every day.

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