Paper Plate Umbrella: Weather Activity for Preschoolers

Make a paper plate umbrella and add raindrops for a perfect Spring craft for preschoolers! Preschoolers love this easy book inspired Spring craft.

It's not quite April yet but Spring showers are already starting here, so it's the perfect time to do a fun Spring rain themed craft. Spring crafts for preschoolers are always fun, and when we can tie in one of our favorite Spring books for kids it's even better! My boys loved making these fun paper plate umbrellas, and we got in some counting practice too.

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These paper plate umbrellas are really easy to make, and are one of our favorite Spring crafts for preschoolers. It's open ended and incorporates a few learning opportunities when paired with a really wonderful book.

We started with the book Raindrop, Plop! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison. In Raindrop, Plop! a young girl and her dog discover all sorts of fun things on a rainy day as they count up to 10 and back down again. It's a fun book filled with lovely illustrations and perfect for a rainy Spring day. On one such rainy day, we decided to make paper plate umbrellas and then count how many raindrops we could add to them! To make your own Raindrop, Plop! umbrellas, you'll need:

To make the umbrellas, cut a paper plate in half, then stick a fan handle to the plate half, with the bottom of the plate on the outside. If your handles are not self stick, adhere with glue or strong tape.

Now invite your kids to decorate their umbrellas! We used dot markers because my boys love them and they could mimic the action of raindrops hitting the umbrellas. But you can decorate with paint, crayons, stickers - anything you'd like!

Once your umbrella is decorated, get out your raindrop stickers. As you read Raindrop, Plop! count along and add raindrops to the outside of your umbrella.

That's it! Now you have a super fun umbrella covered in raindrops, just like in the story. It's a perfect craft for a rainy Spring day!

We loved this easy Spring craft & book activity. Check out our Kids Books page for more fun book inspired activities & crafts, or click here to see all our ideas for Spring!

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