Free Printable Planner

Get organized with this free printable planner! Everything you need including a monthly calendar, weekly schedule, weekly meal plan, daily to do list and more!

I love having a paper planner. I know there are a million organizing apps and ways to make lists on your phone, but to me nothing feels better than writing something down on paper and then crossing it off when I'm done. I've looked high and low for the perfect printable planner pages and when I couldn't find it, I decided to make one myself. I'm super excited to be sharing it with you - it has everything you need to start getting organized: blank calendar pages, a weekly calendar, meal planning template, to do list, and more!

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This planner is really easy to customize - since its undated, you can start whenever you'd like and print out as far ahead as you can plan. I'll show you how I put it together, but you can mix and match the order of pages to suit your needs.

I put all my pages in a 3 ring binder - this is the one I use because I love the padded cover, pockets inside, and the cord to hold it closed. I divide each section with these colorful tab dividers. If you need more storage, you can also use pocket dividers.

The first section is my monthly calendar. Here's where I put all our appointments and important dates to remember. I like having the entire month at a glance so I can quickly see when we are booked.

The next section is my weekly schedule. This is where I put more details of each day - when I plan to do errands, housework, etc. You can print this page double sided to save paper, or I like to print it with my weekly meal plan on the back so that I can see both pages when it lays flat. I use a bookmark divider to easily keep track of which week we're on.

Here's the weekly meal plan page. It has spaces to plan dinners for every day of the week, plus boxes to lay out our choices for breakfast and lunch. I've also included a handy shopping list - this prints 2 to a page for an easier size to slip in your bag on shopping trips. I keep these clipped to our refrigerator so I can easily add items as we run out.

Finally we have my favorite section - my daily to do list. It includes a section for your top 3 things to accomplish each day, then a special box outlining the 5 things I do every day to keep my house clean. Finally, a spot to jot down all the little things I need to remember each day.

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