6 Must Read New Preschool Books Plus a Free Printable Library List

Looking for new kids books? Check out this list of our new favorites and download a free printable list to take to the library too! We LOVE these new books for children and you will too!

As much as I love reading classic children's books like Goodnight, Moon (over and over again...) one of my favorite things is discovering new kids books. It's like making a new friend and opening a whole new world of possibilities. I'm so fortunate to receive some of the best books for children from very generous publishers so that I can check them out and pass along my favorites to you. I've pulled together a list of brand new kids books that we love, and I hope you will to. (I've marked those that I received for free with an * for full disclosure. All the books listed are ones that I have read with my kids and that all three of us recommend.)

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Since we love heading to the library to sample new (and new to us) kids books, I've also included a Free Printable Library List for you. The titles below are already filled in, with lots of space to jot down any other books you'd love to read! Check out all our Book Lists for more recommendations.

Our Favorite New Children's Books

Raybot* by Adam F. Watkins The true test of a great kid's book is how quickly you have it memorized after hearing "mommy, read it again!" over and over. Raybot passed this test with flying colors as it quickly became our new favorite. The story of a lonely robot looking for a friend, Raybot travels the world looking for a puppy and meets all kinds of animals! Robots + animals = a total must read in our house.

For even more fun with Raybot, check out this activity from Growing Book by Book!

Tree* by Britta Teckentrup This is such a gorgeous book that celebrates all the seasons, but seems especially appropriate for Spring. An owl watches the seasons change and animals come and go from his tree home, with fun cut outs to illustrate the changing landscape.

After reading Tree you might be inspired to make a DIY All Season Handprint Tree too!

Goodnight, Good Dog by Mary Lyn Ray This one caught my eye at the library and I am so glad we picked it up. It's become one of our favorite bedtime stories! Goodnight, Good Dog follows a little dog as he settles in for the night after his family is asleep... finally dreaming sweet doggie dreams to wake up to hear, "Good Morning, Good Dog!" (which is now how my boys greet our dogs every morning).

If you have dog lovers at home, check out our Pets section for lots of fun ideas and tips.

The Hueys: What's the Opposite?* by Oliver Jeffers Best known for illustrating The Day the Crayons Quit, Oliver Jeffers is back with a hilarious take on opposites starring The Hueys. What's the opposite of the beginning? You'll have to read through to find out.

Want even more fun with opposites? We love this opposites learning game!

Shape Shift by Joyce Hasselberth A perfect book for preschoolers learning about shapes, this beautiful book features collages that show us where to find shapes all around us - and how to put them together to make something new!

If your kids are as into shapes as mine, they'll also love this chalk shapes jumping game or this train shapes matching puzzle from my friends at Craftulate.

Hoot and Peep* by Lita Judge Last but definitely not least on our list of new favorites is Hoot and Peep. A classic tale of a big brother who knows it all and the little sister who proves him wrong, this is a sentimental favorite of mine as the little sister to a wonderful big brother. My boys loved it too, and it gives you lots of fun opportunities to make owl sounds and sing along!

Our Felt Owl would go great with a reading of Hoot and Peep.

Now that you have a list of our new favorite kids books, be sure to download our printable library list and go check them out for yourself!

What's your new favorite children's book? Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook and let me know!

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