Screen Free Ways for Moms to Unwind

After a busy day with the kids, moms need a little me time to relax and refresh. These screen free ideas help moms to unwind and destress from hectic days to get a good night's sleep!

After a long day taking care of my three year old twin boys (not to mention my two dogs and a cat) when their bedtime rolls around I am ready to relax. I relish my quiet time in the evening after the boys are in bed, especially when we've had a hectic day or a wild bedtime. Of course, there are always things to be done (I never quite get all the laundry folded), but I think that its important to make sure that I have a little "me" time before heading off to bed myself.

I find that when I get a chance to decompress before bed, I am better able to fall asleep and wake up refreshed and ready to face another day. I've also found that limiting my screen time for at least an hour before getting in bed really helps me to unwind and get a better night's sleep. These simple, relaxing activities help to ease my mind and let me unwind from a busy day being mom.

Have a Cup of Tea

My "me" time always starts with a cup of hot herbal tea. It's soothing and relaxing, and is a low calorie indulgence that I can enjoy in peace after the kids are in bed. I love Lipton's new herbal varieties in the evening, with real ingredients combined with delicious herbal tea blends to awaken the senses, but not keep me awake.

With yummy flavors like Peach Mango and Berry Hibiscus, these multi-sensory teas refresh standard tea time, creating an exciting and unique tea-drinking experience. Find them all here.

Take a Relaxing Shower or Bath

Before I was a mom, I never realized what a luxury a long, uninterrupted shower could be. I love to take advantage of quiet evening time to take a shower without worry of what my kids are destroying while I'm in there. And when I really need to unwind, I hand my husband the baby monitor and take a relaxing bubble bath. It's such a simple pleasure but one I don't take advantage of enough.


I love to jot down a few thoughts, on paper with a real pen, before bed each night. It might just be a funny thing that happened during the day that I don't want to forget, or even my to do list for the next day. But I find that the act of writing things down helps to clear my mind, and prevents me from having "what did I forget?" worries creep in when I'm trying to fall asleep.


I don't usually have time for a full yoga session but a few relaxing poses and some restorative breathing before bed can really help my body relax and get ready for sleep. If you're not into yoga, even just some small stretches - neck rolls, touch your toes, just letting your body work out the kinks - can work wonders. And don't forget those deep breaths!

Read a Book

Reading before bed has been my go to way to unwind for as long as I can remember. Getting lost in a book is the perfect way to escape the stress of your day and have a mini vacation in your mind. I host a monthly online book club just for moms and it really helps me to be sure that I always have a great book on my nightstand!


There's a reason why adult coloring books are so popular right now - it works! I'm no artist, but coloring helps me to have a creative outlet, relaxes my mind, and helps me get ready for a restful night and a productive day. I love these free adult coloring pages from Moms & Crafters - the little mugs are perfect to go with your cup of Lipton tea!

What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day? Check out all the delicious varieties of Lipton Tea here and let me know in the comments below!

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