Make Bedtime Easier with a Toddler Bedtime Box

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Need help with your toddler bedtime routine? Try making a Toddler Bedtime Box! This easy DIY project will help reinforce your night time routine and help you toddler prepare for bedtime without arguing.

Bedtime. Is there any word that causes more anxiety for parents of toddlers? Since I have twins, I sometimes have bedtime battles times two. Getting two rambunctious toddlers settled and ready for sleep requires a lot of patience and a solid routine. We've got things settled down in our house (for now!) and I want to share one of my favorite tricks for helping my toddlers get ready for bed - the Toddler Bedtime Box.

Making your own Toddler Bedtime Box is super easy, and using it will help your toddler to feel involved and empowered during bedtime. The Bedtime Box helps to reinforce your night time routine, which is essential for a smooth bedtime. And by letting your toddler help to pack and unpack it each night, they will feel more in control and be able to wind down for sleep. When young children have a routine and know what to expect, they can more easily transition from one activity to another. And toddlers who feel involved are often far more cooperative than those that are just told what to do.

First, you want to start by making your Bedtime Box something special. Since our all time favorite bedtime story is Goodnight Moon, I used it as inspiration for the design of our bedtime box. To make your own, you will need:

  • Blue fabric storage bin
  • Star & moon shapes for tracing (I used cookie cutters. You can also just draw freehand)
  • Pencil
  • Gold multi-surface acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Lay your fabric storage cube flat. Start by tracing or drawing your stars and moon onto the front of the cube.

Once your design is complete, fill in with the acrylic paint. You will want to do two coats for even coverage. Allow to dry completely.

Now you're ready to start using your Bedtime Box! Gather all of your supplies that you need for your toddler's bedtime routine. Our box includes pajamas and Huggies diapers (we use Pull Ups during the day now as we're working on potty training, but at night, I like the protection of Huggies diapers). I also include our music playing Monkey (they can't fall asleep without him), and our bedtime story books for the night. You may also want to add a pacifier or a sippy cup of water if that's part of your routine.

Invite your toddler(s) to get involved in choosing their PJs and books for the night so that they feel involved and a part of the process of getting ready for bed.

Pack everything in your Bedtime Box. We do this in the morning after we've gotten dressed for the day.  Then, when bedtime comes, bring out the Bedtime Box. Have your toddler help you pick out each item as you go through the routine of changing their diaper, putting on pajamas, reading stories, and getting their loveys and comfort items. When the box is empty, it's time to sleep!

Using the Bedtime Box has really helped to reinforce our nighttime routine and has made bedtime much smoother in my house. My boys love helping to pack it each day and unpack it each night. Helping them feel involved has reduced our bedtime battles and given us all a much better night's sleep! 

I pick up my Huggies diapers and other items for my Toddler Bedtime Box at Family Dollar - I can get my baby/toddler suppies at a great value and it's super convenient. Find the Family Dollar near you here.

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