Find Amazing Deals for Moms with the Free PatPat App

Awesome daily deals for moms and babies on the new PatPat shopping app! Read my review and find out how to save on everyday essentials.

This review was sponsored by PatPat.  All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for details.

When my now 3 year old twins were born, I quickly learned two things... babies are expensive and shopping with two of them is not easy! I was always on the lookout for new ways to find deals online. So I was really excited when PatPat asked me to review their new daily deals app for moms, and I'm happy to share it with you!

PatPat was recently featured on the home page of the Apple App Store as one of the best new free apps, so it was easy to find and download. The first thing that I noticed was how clean the design and interface was, and how easy it was to browse all the deals. And, with up to 20 new deals posted every morning, there is a lot to choose from!

I started by checking out some of the best sellers. They were easily organized by category, and I found tons of bargains on things like kids clothing, diaper bags, toyshousehold essentials, and even clothes for me. Everything you need as a busy mom who loves to shop!

I love to browse toys online because taking my 3 year olds down a toy aisle in a store is a recipe for a meltdown. PatPat had a great selection of fun toys and storage ideas - I absolutely loved this play mat that folds up into a storage bag for toys. What a genius idea for travel and keeping all those little pieces that end up everywhere! I think we need this for our next trip to Grandma's house.

I also love that PatPat offers Free Shipping on all orders, so I know that I'm looking at the actual price while I'm browsing. And you can get even more savings by sharing your favorites with your friends!

I'm totally in the mood for Halloween already, and I found some really cute Halloween costumes and decorations on PatPat. (There were some painfully cute baby costumes that made me wish I had a tiny one to dress up again!) The prices were so good that I'm thinking of stocking up on a few things for dress up play all year long.

PatPat is a really great app for moms who are looking to find bargains on everyday essentials for baby, kids, and home. I'm hooked on checking out the daily deals and think you will be too!

And, right now PatPat is offering a special deal just for our readers! Save 35% plus $5 off your first order with the promo code "SUNN35". 

Download the app for iOs or Android and start saving today.

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