Pipe Cleaner Lupines: Flower Craft for Preschoolers

Easy pipe cleaner flower craft inspired by the children's book Miss Rumphius!

It's no secret that I love activities and crafts inspired by books. So when my friend Evelyne of Nemcsok Farms invited me to be part of a series of crafts inspired by Miss Rumphius I jumped at the chance! I love how these pipe cleaner lupines turned out and I'm so happy to share them - along with a really great giveaway inspired by the book.

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Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is a really lovely book. It tells the story of The Lupine Lady, who was encouraged at a young age to do something to "make the world more beautiful." After a life filled with adventure, she returns home and plants lupine seeds, covering the countryside with beautiful flowers.

Miss Rumphius is a wonderful story that teaches us to not only appreciate our world and to strive to make it beautiful, but also a tale that can empower young women to dream big, travel far, and make their world a better place.

Inspired by the lovely lupine flowers in Miss Rumphius, I decided to make some lupines of my own - from pipe cleaners! This is an easy craft that requires minimal set up and is lots of fun to make.

All you need to make these lupines are pipe cleaners in 3 colors - green, purple, and pink.

To make each flower, start with a green pipe cleaner for the stem and one of your purple, pink, or blue pipe cleaners.  Twist the two together at the top.

Make a small loop and wrap it around the stem.

Twist the loop so that it retains its shape. Repeat on the other side of the stem.

Keep repeating the loops on each side of the stem. When your pipe cleaner becomes too short to make another loop, wrap the remainder around the stem. Add another and keep going until your lupine is to the length you want. I used 3-4 colored pipe cleaners for each stem.

When you're done, you can fluff up the loops to fill in any gaps. That's it! Repeat with the other colors to make as many lupines as you'd like.

You can put your lupines in a small vase to display or give as a lovely handmade gift for Mom or Grandma!

To help make your corner of the world a little more beautiful, I've teamed up with some wonderful bloggers to bring you a giveaway sponsored by Nemcsok Farms. Six lucky winners will receive a copy of Miss Rumphius along with lupine seeds to plant, just like the Lupine Lady! See the giveaway below for complete details and conditions.

Make the World More Beautiful Giveaway

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