Match the Pets: Preschool Learning Game Based on What Pet Should I Get?

Match the pet with this fun preschool activity featuring the new Dr. Seuss book! Perfect for an animals theme or a family thinking of adopting a pet.

I love Dr. Seuss. When I heard there was a new, undiscovered Seuss book about to be published I was so excited, and even more so when I found out it was about pets! We have 2 dogs and a cat, and our pets are a very important part of our family. I got a copy of What Pet Should I Get? as soon as I could, and came up with a really fun learning activity to go with it!

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What Pet Should I Get? is a classic Seuss tale of a brother and sister trying to decide which pet they should bring home. It is perfect for a preschool theme on animals or a discussion on animal care. It's a must read for families who are thinking of bringing a pet into their homes!

I decided to use What Pet Should I Get? for a learning activity on what different animals need. To do this activity, you will need:
  • Copy of What Pet Should I Get?
  • Free printable showing the different types of environments for each of the animals featured in the book (the non-Seuss ones at least!). Click here to download the free printable for this activity.
  • Small toy animals - dog, cat, rabbit, fish or turtle, and bird. We used a variety from around the house, but if you need some the TOOB sets are great!

The set up for this activity is very simple. After you've read What Pet Should I Get?, set out your printable showing the different animal homes and your small toys. Invite your children to match the pet to the proper home.

My boys took to this right away! They loved matching their animals to the right picture. 

While they were playing, I took the opportunity for us to talk about what pets need, and what types of things they would want in their homes to be comfortable. For example, a dog would like a bone and a comfy bed, while a rabbit would need something to chew on and a place to make a nest.

This is also a really great activity for families who are considering bringing a pet into their homes (and please adopt if you do). You can open a conversation with your children about the care of different types of animals and which pet would be best for your family.

We also had a bit of fun matching our toy animals to the pictures in the book!

This is a really simple activity that provides a number of learning opportunities for preschoolers. And it can also be a wonderful conversation starter for families considering pet adoption. We love this game and will definitely play it again!

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