Kids Book Storage that Encourages Reading

A fabulous kids bookcase that encourages reading! A review of the Tidy Books bookcase & book display.

My kids love books, and as they are getting older our book collection keeps growing. They're also at an age where a daily nap is no longer a given, and some days they spend quiet time in their room instead of sleeping. Put these things together and I needed to find a way to store a lot of books in a small space. I found the perfect solution and they are reading more than ever!

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Since the boys are spending more time in their bedroom, and our book collection downstairs is overflowing, I needed to find a way to store books in their room. But they share a room so space is at a premium. I was so thrilled when Tidy Books asked me to review their kids bookcase. It looked like just the solution I needed.

I was also really impressed with the story behind Tidy Books. Tidy Books started in 2004, when the company's founder couldn't find the right bookcase for her own daughter. So she made one in her violin workshop (how cool is that?!). Besides being designed by a mom, I also loved the fact that Tidy Books products are made from FSC sustainable wood and finished in environmentally friendly water lacquer. I felt good putting this product in my home.

Shipping was super fast and everything arrived in great shape. The boys could not wait for us to put it together.

I could tell right away that this was a quality piece of furniture made from real wood. My husband is the furniture assembler in the house so I turned it over to him.

He was impressed with how easy it was to put together (even with his helpers). It took under 30 minutes from opening the box to putting it on the wall.

All finished and filled with books! One of the great features of this bookcase is that all of the books face forward, so the boys are able to see what they have. It holds a lot of books (85 according to the company, I know ours is no where near full yet!).

I think the boys' favorite feature is the 3D wooden alphabet on the front of the shelves. They are just learning their letters and they ask to go up and see their letters at bedtime. They love to touch them and sing the ABC song as they tell them all good night!

I love the space saving design of this bookcase too. You can fit a lot of books in here but it does not take up a lot of space in your room. It is so slim that even in a small room it is not overpowering. And it fastens to the wall so it is safe for a kids room - a must for me.

My boys are loving their new bookcase! Before, we just had books in baskets on the floor, and they could only see the first one. With the forward facing bookcase, they can see more of their books and they are finding favorites that they had forgotten. They love to spend time reading in their room and quiet time is much more enjoyable for all of us.

I truly believe that this new bookcase is encouraging my boys to read more. And the design is perfect for our home! It is a quality piece of furniture that looks great and will serve us for years to come. 

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