No Sew Super Hero Cape Inspired by The Woods

Make a kid's super hero cape in 5 minutes without sewing! Perfect for pretend play or a cheap, easy, DIY Halloween costume.

This month's Poppins Book Nook theme is Forests & Woods, and we chose The Woods by Paul Hoppe as our selection. My boys absolutely LOVE this book and can recite it from memory. They wanted to act out the story in our own "woods" (really our backyard) so I needed to whip up 2 capes in a hurry. I figured out the perfect way to do it without sewing - and it only took 5 minutes each!

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The Woods is a charming story of a boy who is all tucked in for bed when he discovers that his stuffed bunny is missing. He can't find it anywhere, so it's time to go looking in the woods. He dons his blanket cape and trusty sword and heads off. He encounters everything from a big bear to a furry monster, but learns that each is not as they seem and the woods are not so scary after all. 

My boys really enjoy this story so we thought we'd go to the backyard for some pretend play. But first we needed capes! I am not very good at sewing, unless it's a button or a quick fix, so I thought up a quick no sew solution. This DIY super hero cape is perfect for play or a fast easy Halloween costume!

To make the No Sew Super Hero Cape you need:

Turn your pillowcase inside out. Snip off each of the corners, making enough of a slit to fit your ribbon.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to fit through your pillowcase and tie loosely around your child's neck. Mine was 56" long. Lay the ribbon against the pillowcase so that it is centered, and put a piece of fabric tape along the ribbon that is equal to the width of the pillowcase.

Peel off the other side of the tape and press the ribbon firmly onto the pillowcase, as flush to the top as you can. Thread the ends of the ribbon through the slits at each corner.

Flip the pillowcase back to right side out and you're done! Tie the ribbon loosely around your child's neck and he (or she) will be ready to go into the woods.

This was such an easy project but it looked and worked great! There are so many possibilities to decorate your cape if you're using it for a specific costume - fabric paint or printable iron on paper would give you tons of freedom to design something special for your very own super hero.
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