15 Gardening Books for Kids

15 gardening books for kids. Includes board books for toddlers and preschoolers, story books, and non fiction books for kids about seeds and plants.

I love having a garden. My boys adore helping with our garden, and have since they were tiny.

Being involved with a garden is so important for kids to learn how plants grow and where their food comes from. We're getting ready to plant our garden this year, and I have been looking for books about gardens to read with my kids. We found 5 great choices that we really enjoyed, and a list of 10 more that we want to try!

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Here's 5 gardening books for kids that we have enjoyed:

Eric Carle's gorgeous art shows the life of a tiny seed who triumphs over all the odds to become a beautiful flower. This book is a must for any Eric Carle fans (like us!)

Peppa and her brother help their Grandpa with the garden and have all sorts of fun while waiting for it to grow. Warning, this might get your kids wiggling on the ground playing worm! 

This book features the Cat in the Hat and classic Seuss style rhymes, which I love to read aloud. I also really like how it teaches all the different things that come from plants.

This book, first published in 1960, is a straight forward description of seeds become plants and goes through the steps to grow bean plants. This one is too advanced for my 2.5 year olds but I wanted to include it because it is a classic that is great for older kids. I remember doing the bean plants when I was a kid and will try them with my kids soon!

This is the first Lola book we've read and I thought it was very cute. I love the illustrations and simple story. This is a great choice for toddlers or preschoolers and will definitely make them want a garden of their own.

Now here's 10 more gardening books on our "to-read" list. Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you think!

This book is geared towards older children (8 and up) and is a collection of growing projects with clear, step by step directions. Since my husband is the gardener in the family, I'm looking forward to trying this one to learn a little more myself.

Based on the familiar rhyme "This is the House that Jack Built," this book follows the growth of a little boy's flower garden from planting to blooms.

I love the "peek inside" books and think this one will be super cute for us.

This is the story of a pig who is tired of only eating apples and wants to grow a vegetable garden. It has a lot of information on organic gardening, and has a corresponding app for iPad.

This interactive board book comes with a pull back ladybug that zooms through the garden exploring all there is to see. This is another one on my must read list!

A counting book about vegetables! My picky eater loves to count, so I'm hoping this one will help him want to try some more veggies.

Anything with flaps to lift is usually popular with us, so I'm looking forward to this one.

This book is described as an introduction to seeds and pollination for the preschool set - I think this will be a good choice for learning about plant life cycles.

We love Pat the Bunny books so this is another one high on our list!

We love Mercer Mayer books and Little Critter so we need to try this one too!

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  1. I've never seen/read any of these! Will have to put them on our library list this season for sure! My girls love the Louis Ehlert books: Eating the Alphabet, Growing Vegetable Soup and Planting a Rainbow. The pictures are so colorful and vibrant. Thanks for linking up at #WeLoveWeekends

    1. Oooh now my list just got longer too! Thanks!

  2. Awesome! Sosme new books the kids will love! Pinned it! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Great selection. I've always loved The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and all books by Gail Gibbons. I didn't know there was a Dr. Seuss seed book. I'm happy to know it. :) I came here via Saturday Crafty Moms Share. :)
    Pamela - Literate For Life

  4. Thanks for sharing a great selection of garden books at our FB Share Day! Pinned on 2 of our book boards :)

  5. I like gardening books and have read several to my boys but haven't heard of the ones on your list. Pinning it

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  7. Oh, what an amazing list! The favorite thing about me and my kids is to read children's books and I think they would love to read some gardening books!


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