DIY Spring Stamps

DIY Spring stamp craft. Make a butterfly and flower shape from pipe cleaners to use as stamps for painting.

We had so much fun crafting with our Shamrock Stamps for St. Patrick's Day that I thought we'd try to make some shapes for Spring. These turned out great! They require just 2 supplies to make and create adorable Spring shapes - perfect to make a Mother's Day card.

We made stamps in 2 shapes - a butterfly and a flower.  To make both, you just need pipe cleaners (2 per stamp) and a clothespin to use as a handle.

To make your flower stamp - take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around your first 3 fingers.

Pull it off, and twist together to form 3 "petals."

Repeat this step, then twist your 2 halves together to form a flower shape with 6 petals. Clip a clothespin to the base to use as a handle.

To make the butterfly, wrap the pipe cleaner loosely around your first 2 fingers.

Pull it off, and adjust the loops to look like 2 wings.

Repeat, and twist the 2 halves together to form a butterfly shape. Twist the tail of one of the pipe cleaners around the center to be the butterfly's body. 

Attach a clothespin to the base to use as a handle.

Ready to stamp! I put these out with a palette of Spring colored paint and let my boys have fun.

The stamps worked great! They make adorable flower and butterfly shapes, perfect for Spring crafts. They would make excellent prints for Mother's Day cards or even wrapping paper. We love how they turned out!

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