Shamrock Stamps: St. Patrick's Day Craft

Shamrock Stamps! St. Patrick's Day craft for kids using pipe cleaners and paint.

I have recently become a contributor to the amazing Pre-K Pages and my first post was a really fun St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Activity.  We had a lot of pipe cleaner shamrocks that we used in the activity, and I thought we could repurpose them into an equally fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

My boys loved this craft, and you can use it to make cute St. Patrick's Day cards, decorations, or even wrapping paper. 

To make Shamrock Stamps, you will need:

Green Pipe Cleaners
Clothespins (optional, but makes it much easier if you have smaller kids)
Green paint

The shamrocks are made from green pipe cleaners. I posted photos and instructions of how to make them on our Pre-K Pages activity - you can find it here.

Once you have your shamrocks, you simply dip them into green paint and stamp away!

My boys loved painting with their shamrock stamps! I found that the pipe cleaner handles didn't hold up to their heavy handed technique, so I clipped them onto a clothes pin for a sturdier grip.

This worked great and they had a ball making shamrock shapes!

Their art turned out great! We're going to turn these into cards for their grandparents.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Need any supplies for this project? Here you go! (affiliate links)

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