Portable Craft Storage Solution

A portable, all in one solution for all your craft supplies! Customize and personalize it to fit your decor and style.

We do a lot of crafts in this house. The more we do, the more my craft supplies seem to multiply. I would love to have a dedicated room for crafts but we just don't have the space. And, with toddlers in the house, I can't leave all our supplies in the playroom without risking paint on the walls the moment I turn my back. I needed a solution that was functional, portable, and would look good sitting in my foyer or dining room. I finally found one and I'm happy to share it.

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I started with a Deluxe Utility Tote and 2 Essential Storage Totes.

In my first Essential Storage Tote, I put all my felt, craft foam, papers, and cardboard tubes (the best craft material ever!)

Next I organized my smaller items, starting with a Handle It Cosmetic Bag for paint. I love this bag because the inside is completely lined with PVC, so spills are no problem. There are 2 pockets (1 interior, 1 exterior) for brushes too. So if we do a paint project I can just grab this small bag and go.

I use a Littles Carry-All Caddy for crayons. Again, I can just grab this by itself if we are going to color.

And a new product that I LOVE - the Double Duty Caddy for all those odds and ends - glue, tape, ribbon, scissors, etc. It holds a lot of stuff!

All 3 of these fit nicely inside my second Essential Storage Tote, with a little room to spare! 

Once both of my Essential Storage Totes were filled, I put them inside the Deluxe Utility Tote. A perfect fit!

I added a Pocket A Tote to the front for markers. This pocket snaps on and off the grommets on the Deluxe Utility Tote so I can grab it separately, and it is lined so I'm not worried if a cap comes off.

Finally, I added a Deluxe Cinch Top lid so that everything was contained and covered. 

I truly love this system for organizing craft and art supplies. When we are working on a project, I can easily carry the entire thing into the room or just grab the bag that holds the supplies that I need. I also love that I could choose prints that go with the decor in my house so I don't mind if it is sitting out in the living room or the dining room.

And, I was able to add the "Play, Create, and Imagine" personalization to make it my own, and inspire my creativity.

All of these pieces come in many different colors, solids, and prints (since these are my own products, purchased at different times, some of the prints shown may no longer be available) and can be mixed and matched to create a look that is perfect for your home. And, personalization is available on each product! (for an additional cost)

I hope this helps inspire you to organize your craft or art supplies, and perhaps part or all of this solution is right for you! To shop these products, visit my Thirty One website.  Or email me with questions or suggestions of other products to help you get organized. Happy crafting!

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