Christmas Memories: A Book Review

Christmas is a time when memories are made. I've been reminded of this so many times as it is sadly the first Christmas that I am spending without my Dad, who passed away in March. I didn't realize how many of our happy times and special memories are focused around Christmas - I was reminded when I turned on Christmas music for the first time this season and was just overcome with tears. 

My dad loved Christmas, and made every one incredibly special for us as kids and as adults.  From the year he stayed up all night to assemble a Barbie Dream House for my sister and I to the pre-Christmas trip we took together to visit his family in Canada in 2009 (his last trip home and our last trip together, just the two of us), Christmas time was always filled with happy and memorable moments.

As hard as it is this year, I am determined to make Christmas special for my own family. My boys are 2 and just beginning to enjoy the season. We are making our own traditions and forging what I hope are many happy memories.

I received a copy of Merry Memories from the author in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

That is why I was so grateful to Rachael of Adventures in Wunderland for sending me a copy of her new e-book, Merry Memories: Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

This book is filled with recipes, crafts, and activities for families to share around Christmas time. I found several favorites from my own childhood (remember clove oranges? The smell will instantly transport you back!) as well as several new ideas that I am looking forward to trying (reindeer toast!).

I think my favorite activity is the Jar of Christmas Magic - a wonderful activity to reinforce the true spirit of the holiday season and a great way to count down to Christmas! There's also a great section of printables too.

Though I may have some tough days ahead, and I know there will be tears both happy and sad for my family this Christmas, we also have many blessings to count. And many new memories to make and traditions to start. Merry Memories is a wonderful guide to inspire you to revive some of your treasured Christmas traditions or to create some new ones of your own.

What's your favorite Christmas memory? Let me know in the comments below!
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