Make Dinosaur Tracks with Homemade Play Dough

It's a rainy day here so I thought we'd get out one of our favorite activities - making dinosaur tracks with our homemade play dough. This is so simple but it entertains my toddlers every time!

It starts with this awesome homemade play dough from The Imagination Tree. She is not exaggerating that it is the best no cook play dough recipe ever. We made some (the blue one in my photos) MONTHS ago and it is still soft. The texture is far better than any I've ever purchased in a store.

From there we just added in a couple of plastic dinosaurs I bought on clearance at the drug store for a little over $1. They are just the right size and have great little feet for making tracks.

Then I just let the boys go to town making footprints in the play dough. Sorry my "action shots" are so blurry but they wouldn't keep the dinosaurs still because they were having so much fun!

This is seriously such a fun, easy way to pass some time on a rainy day. Now whenever I see little animal figures in stores I always check their feet to see if they would make great tracks! Enjoy!

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