Owl Toast: Quick, Easy, & Healthy!

We seem to be obsessed with owls these days! We did a fun owl craft two weeks ago which my boys still love playing with.  This morning, I was at a loss for breakfast ideas and wanted something quick and healthy. We've done Teddy Bear Toast from one of my favorite sites, Weelicious. I thought, why not try owl toast? It was easy and such a hit!

To make your own, take a slice of your favorite bread, toast, and cover in the nut butter of your choice (we like peanut butter or sun butter).  Then add:

Eyes: 2 slices of banana & a raisin for each pupil.
Nose: Raisin
Wings: Clementine orange section.
Feet: I took an apple and first sliced it with my favorite apple slicer (affiliate link).  Then I cut 2 thin pieces off a slice for the feet.

I tossed the rest of my apple, banana, & orange sections together for a little fruit salad on the side. Simple and delicious!  Enjoy!

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